A colourful range of architectural facades that not only look beautiful, but are extremely robust and durable.

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Product information

Benchmark's Trespa Facade System has been created in partnership with Trespa International B.V. TRESPA®'s Meteon colour collection consists of Metallic, Wood Decors, Naturals and Uni colour ranges, in a variety of textures.

  • Versatile facade, near limitless design possibilities
  • Extremely weather resistant, tested to EN 438-2: 29
  • Very high resistance to impact damage
  • Through fix and secret fix façade options
  • Virtually maintenance free, easy to clean
  • Comprehensive design and technical support
  • Flashings and ancillaries are available in similar complementary colours for a complete solution
  • Individual façade parts can be removed and replaced as necessary
  • Independently tested system, including CWCT external building envelope
  • Available with the Benchmark Total Guarantee
  • Manufactured and supplied under a quality system certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • Manufacturing plant is ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmentally) accredited
Dimensions & Wg


Typical standard panel sizes are 1836mm x 2526mm and 1506mm x 3026mm. Maximum panel size available is 1836mm x 3026mm.

Face panel thickness: 8mm and 10mm as standard. 13mm invisible fix option is also available. *Available for Benchmark FF system applications only.

Please Note: Dimensions are restricted to 1196mm x 596mm or 1000mm x 1000mm maximum with the alternative secret fix method (please see page 3).All sizes indicated above exclude 10mm joint.
Sizes can be tailored to the build option- please contact Benchmark Technical Services for more information.

Façade and Rail Weight

Module size, thickness and railing are dependent on project design requirements. For accurate weights for your specific application, contact the Benchmark Technical Services Department.

Product Tolerance

Length                            -1mm +1mm
Width                              -1mm +1mm
Thickness                     -1mm +1mm
Flatness (per metre)   -2mm +2mm
Squareness                 -1mm +1mm

Thickness, sides‟ straightness, rectangularity and surface flatness are all in accordance with BS EN 438-2.


TRESPA® Meteon is a flat panel, based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood based fibres and manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures according to the European Standard EN 438 and to ISO 4586. The façade panel has an integrated decorative surface using proprietary EBC technology. Available in a wide choice of finishes; metallics, wood decors, naturals and uni-colours - they can also be custom-made.


There are three different types of system attachment options which are as follows:

Benchmark Face Fixed System

The TRESPA® panels will be fixed with rivets to vertical aluminium omega and zed profiles which are, in turn attached to the Karrier panel system.

Benchmark Secret Fix System

The TRESPA® panels will be fixed invisibly by attaching metal hanging brackets with stainless steel self tapping screws.The Trespa panels are attached to horizontal aluminium rails. Each panel has two adjusting points and a fixed point at the top of the panel through the attached brackets. The aluminium rail (coated black) is in turn attached to the Karrier Panel.

Alternative Secret Fix:

Secret Fix with Vertical Straps on Rails*

The TRESPA® panels will be fixed invisibly by attaching straps to the façade which fix back to a horizontal rail which is attached to the Karrier Panel.
The extruded aluminium straps (tested to BS 1474 in 6063/T6 grade alloy) are secured to the façade panel using undercut stainless steel expanding anchors. The straps are secured to the aluminium secondary rail system (tested to BS 1474:1987 and powder coated black) using self drilling/ self tapping stainless steel coated black screws. The secondary rail system is then attached to the Karrier Panel.

*Please see page 1 for information on dimension restrictions when using this attachment method.

Packing and delivery

The packing and storage of TRESPA® Meteon panels varies slightly dependent upon the attachment method:

For the Benchmark FF System, TRESPA® façade panels will be laid flat on pallets which have supports at not more than 600mm centres. The packs will be wrapped in a waterproof membrane.

For the Benchmark SF System, TRESPA® façade panels will have brackets attached (for the alternative option there will be straps attached) so will be laid on a pallet face to face and back to back with supports in between at maximum of 600mm centres. The pallets will have supports at not more than 600mm centres. Packs will be wrapped in a water proof membrane. For both visible fix and invisible fix options, boards should be stored in a clean dry frost free room.

Treat panels like hardwood. Leave panels lying flat on top of each other to prevent moisture or high temperatures affecting one side only. When storing panels, make sure that there are no cavities between panels.

Ensure no moisture forms between panels; do not place moisture sensitive paper layers between the panels. Panels removed from packs should be installed as soon as possible. The panels should not be stored upright leaning against anything as this could cause warping.


TRESPA® panels are decorative end products so need to be treated with care. Do not slide them, but lift them and prevent getting dirt on and between the panels. If needed to be marked/coded, use adhesive stickers. If the panels have been provided with special protective foil, remove the foil within 24 hours of the panels being removed from the pallet. When lifting pack with straps fit protective corner pieces under straps.

Site installation

Site assembly instructions are available from the Benchmark Technical Services Department.

Quality / warranties

All of the Benchmark Façade Systems are available with the Total Benchmark Guarantee, offering thermal andstructural performance guarantee. Please contact the BenchmarkTechnical Service Department for further information.



TRESPA® Meteon panels have the reaction to fire classification: Euroclass D-s2, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2002 Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements, EN 438-7 and ISO 4586.

FR- Fire Retardant

TRESPA® Meteon Fire Retardant panels have the reaction to fire classification: Euroclass B-s2, d0 in accordance with standards stated above.

Product Specs

CAD Detail