BENCHMARK Spectrum® is a proven organic coating on an alloy substrate inspired by choice, aesthetic brilliance
and guaranteed natural performance.

Features and Benefits

  • A wide range of solid and metallic colours are available*

  • Polyurethane coated semi-gloss finish with a slight granular effect

  • Available on all Kingspan insulated panels and related ancillaries

  • Alloy substrate provides excellent corrosion resistance

  • Excellent durability and weather resistance

  • A result of many years of research and development.

BENCHMARK Spectrum® is covered by the BENCHMARK Total Coating
Guarantee for up to 25 years.

  • Simple Guarantee administration

  • Cut edge protection for the life of the Guarantee

  • Not orientation dependent

  • Guarantee is available to the building owner and is transferable

  • Zero maintenance for the life of the Guarantee

  • No notice requirement for the end of the Guarantee period


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Environmental Considerations

  • BENCHMARK Spectrum® organic coating is based on an alloy substrate and is free of PVC’s and phthalates which helps to facilitate recycling of the substrate.

  • The production process of BENCHMARK Spectrum® meets the most stringent environmental regulations concerning surface treatments, solvent emissions and the removal of recognised harmful substances in the coating.

  • BENCHMARK Spectrum® does not pose any health or contamination risk to the consumer or the environment

  • BENCHMARK by Kingspan are actively researching the most efficient way of recycling and re-using this material.



Salt-spray test

BENCHMARK Spectrum® products show a major improvement of the corrosion resistance as compared to the standard polyester product.


UV Resistance

Colour stability

BENCHMARK Spectrum® products show much better performance than standard polyester coatings, and approach the performance of PVDF.


Standard Spectrum Color Range


Colour samples are only representative of the BENCHMARK Spectrum® colours. RAL reference numbers represent the nearest colours and are not exact matches to BENCHMARK Spectrum®. Please ensure that you request a swatch sample from the BENCHMARK Marketing Department to view accurate colour and texture prior to specification.

BENCHMARK Spectrum Brochure

BENCHMARK Spectrum Brochure

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