Kingspan has developed EnvelopeFirst™ – a design strategy for optimising a building’s performance and the first step on the route to Net-Zero Energy Buildings.

The most effective, and affordable, energy saving measure available to a building is the application of a high performance building envelope system that provides guaranteed thermal and airtightness performance over
the building’s operational life.

Kingspan offer a wide range of building envelope systems that can provide significant performance benefits towards the overall energy efficiency of a building and the optimum specification, size and amount of HVAC equipment – the largest end use of energy and source of GHG emissions in commercial buildings.

The next step, once the building envelope is as efficient as possible, is the implementation of additional energy
efficiency measures (EEMs).

Finally, the integration of renewable technologies enables a building to achieve net-zero energy targets, and even become a net-energy producer.

Step 1: EnvelopeFirst

The first step to Net-Zero Energy Buildings. Insulation is the most important improvement for the least cost.

Step 2: Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs)

Optimised building services and controls.

Step 3: Insulate & Generate

EnvelopeFirst™ + EEMs + Integrated Renewable Technologies

Step 4: Net-Zero Energy Buildings
Highly energy efficient buildings that are energy neutral over the course of a year.