Benchmark's louvres and louvred doors are custom designed and fabricated to each project, giving various fixed blade centres, and profiles plus various module sizes and shapes, with bird mesh or insert mesh guards as specified. For material information on louvred doors, please contact the Benchmark Technical Services Department.



Substrate - Steel
Hot-dipped zinc/aluminium coated metal to BD EN 10326: 2004 (Continuously hot-dip coated strip and sheet of structural steels. Technical delivery conditions) and BS EN 10327: 2004 (Continuously hot-dip coated strip and sheet of low carbon steels for cold forming. Technical delivery condition).
Coatings - External Weather Sheet
• XL Forté: Nominal 200 micron thick high performance organic coating applied to the weatherside of the panel. Designed to achieve high levels of durability and colour stability and is highly resistant to damage in transit and on-site.
• Spectrum: Nominal 60 micron thick natural colour polyurethane semi-gloss coating.
• Reverse side of sheet coated with grey polyester coating.
• The steel is available in either plain or stucco embossed finish.

Substrate - Aluminium
Aluminium coated metal to EN AW 1050A H14 and extruded aluminium to AW 6063 T6 to BS EN 755.
Coatings - External Weather Sheet
• Aluminium is available in an anodized finish, pre-painted aluminium sheets, post painted aluminium sheets & post powder coated. Colourful façades that can be produced in virtually any colour BS, NCS and RAL or matched to other colours on request subject to minimum production quantities.

Please contact our Quotations Department for lead times.

Sizes are bespoke, please contact the Benchmark Technical Services Department for further information.

Rectangular or square shapes as standard, others available on request.

 Additional Info.
Aluminium bird mesh guard or alternative Aluminium insect mesh are available.
The free area is the minimum area measure between each blade opening to allow air flow through to Louvre System.
Factors affecting free area are:
1. The aspect ratio of the louvre, i.e. the length in relation to the width of louvre and in general terms the greater the width to the length the better the free area percentage.
2. The blade pitch and profile.
3. The guard mesh specified, i.e. bird or insect.
The free area for the standard Kingspan KSL80 Louvre System is 44% based on a standard 1000mm wide x 2000mm long louvre, with no guard mesh, where insect mesh is specified this can reduce the free area.