FIREsafe Panels with IPN core

In addition to all the other advantages of PU Sandwich Panel, IPN provides fire resistance. These panels with a sophisticated Isophenic core will not promote fire spread, are self extinguishing and give off minimal smoke in a real fire situation. BENCHMARK's unique FIREsafe blend is a patented formula which can not be copied by our competitors.

40 years of real fire history indicates that rigid isophenic insulated external roof and wall panels have an exemplary fire performance record. The following findings can be summarized from the research carried out where BENCHMARK insulated wall systems were in use:

Fire resistance tests - EI 30

The performance of a building structure is determined by its design and the materials used to construct it. Fire resistance means the ability of a structural element to sustain the performance of its structural duty, whilst being exposed to the temperatures likely to be encountered in a developed fire for specified periods of time. BENCHMARK FIREsafe panels were tested for fire resistance according to standard EN 13501-2:2007 and received very good results: EI 30 for wall panels. It means that now our IPN panels can be use more widely, in applications where the fighting requirements are high and where so far only, mineral fiber could be used.

Reaction to fire – B-s1, d0. Single Burning Item (SBI) test

The purpose of Reaction to fire testing is to determine whether a material contributes to fire growth. The EU Reaction to fire evaluation criteria are the material’s ignitability, rate of heat release, rate of spread of flame, rate of smoke production, toxic gases, flaming droplets/particles and/or a combination of these safety aspects. These characteristics are measured with a system of only all harmonized. BENCHMARK FIREsafe wall panels were tested for reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1 standard and received class B-s1, d0 and are classified as hard to burn, low smoke production, no flaming droplets and particles. Look out for our BENCHMARK Evolution product.