Benchmark by Kingspan insulation cores provide superior thermal performance with tested U-values. Most importantly, the insulation is on the exterior of the building structure to provide the best possible thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging typical of cavity wall systems. In addition, the panels feature excellent insulation core-to-core contact, which provides an unbroken thermal shield against heat transfer.

The combination of the vapour diffusionclosed external facing with a closed-cell PIR / IPN rigid urethane core achieves a high insulation performance. This is currently the best performance of all well-known insulating systems in the construction industry.

Structural and thermal specification of the panel joints:

  • when correctly installed, the system guarantees complete gas and vapour tight seal (thus enabling the system to be used in rooms with controlled atmospheres)
  • ensures the absence of air gaps in the panel structure
  • reduces thermal loss (gain), thus cutting down the operational costs of the cooling process.